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Microsoft’s AI tool to help the elderly is so great that it’s now being used to help you write code

A new app developed by Microsoft’s artificial intelligence research group has been found to be so powerful that it can automatically create a custom-made dictionary for people who are blind or hard of hearing.The company’s Cortana AI is built with machine learning and it’s able to help people understand the meaning of phrases they’re reading.Cortana […]

Juventus’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a ‘computer technician’, Juventus coach confirms

It was an unusual first day at the helm of the Juventus team after Ibrahimovic, who was the subject of a doping scandal, arrived to train with the squad.“We don’t know what the problem is,” said Giovanni Tommasini, the assistant coach.“I don’t want to give you a number because the problem’s a bit unclear.”Ibrahimovic did […]

“Computer science: the future of science”

A new book by British computer scientist and lecturer Peter Diamandis describes the future, and how it will be different from the one we know today.The book, Computer Science in the Future, will be released in the US by Cambridge University Press.It will also be available in the UK.The title of the book is Computer […]

Dell computers repair shop can’t repair Apple MacBooks

Apple’s MacBook Pro and its Mac Pro have been recalled after an outbreak of a rare respiratory disease that’s caused widespread respiratory problems in Europe, including among computer repair shops.The outbreak, which has affected more than 2,000 people, began in Austria in late May and spread to several European countries, including the UK.According to a […]

Which Computer Science Internships are Right for You?

By now you’ve heard the news: Microsoft is hiring more computer science interns in order to create more software engineering talent in the next year.While that’s good news, we’ve also got some news that may be even more exciting.According to Microsoft’s website, the company is looking for software engineers who have strong technical skills and […]

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M review: the biggest gaming machine ever, but not the most powerful one

The Nvidia GeForce 970M is the most expensive gaming computer ever made, and that’s saying something.The GTX 970’s power consumption is actually slightly lower than that of the 980 Ti, but the GeForce 970 is still more expensive than its competitors.That means that even if you want to play PC games with very little graphical […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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