What’s in your computer and how to fix it?

The Verge is now running a survey asking you what you know about your computer, and the answers are surprisingly varied.

Here are the questions we asked.1.

What kind of hardware do you have?2.

How many of your friends have a computer?3.

Do you have a hard drive?4.

Do people have more than one hard drive in their computers?5.

Are they buying new computers or are they upgrading?6.

Do computers have multiple monitors or multiple screens?7.

Do they have a screen reader?8.

Do your computers have a webcam?9.

Do it take more than two hours to download a video game?10.

What’s your average computer usage time?11.

Do most of your computer users use a desktop computer?12.

What type of computer do you use?13.

How often do you open your browser?14.

Do many people use a text editor or a word processor?15.

Do web surfers use the same type of browser as you do?16.

Do users of all kinds of computers use the web or do they mainly surf on their phones?17.

Are there many apps for browsing the web?18.

Are you familiar with any web browsers?19.

Do the internet cafes you frequent have web browsers or do you just go there to surf?20.

How do you deal with the annoying “crash” messages?21.

Do some of your users seem to be using a lot of network bandwidth?22.

Do internet cafes seem to have an unusually high number of computers that aren’t connected to the internet?23.

Are internet cafes more expensive than regular internet cafes?24.

How frequently do you browse the web on your mobile device?25.

Do online services like Google Drive have their own browser?26.

Do any of your desktop computers have an Internet browser?27.

Do I have to use the Microsoft Edge browser?28.

Do all of my online applications need a browser?29.

Do desktop users use their computers in the same place at the same time?30.

Do my friends have more or less than one computer?31.

Do there are more than four people on my computer?32.

Do more than five people use your computer?33.

Do we need a firewall on our home network?34.

Do other people have to have Internet access on the same network as you?35.

Do Microsoft Edge and Firefox use different browsers?36.

Do Chrome and Firefox have their default browsers?37.

Do Mozilla Firefox and Opera use the Chrome browser?38.

Do browsers support video in their browsers?39.

Do browser makers support the new and improved “Ultra HD” graphics technology?40.

Do WebKit, an open-source JavaScript engine, has its own browser or does it support HTML5?41.

Do Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have the same video player?42.

Do IE 11 and Opera 10 use the Adobe Flash Player?43.

Do Windows users have a more powerful graphics card than Mac users?44.

Do Firefox and IE support Internet Explorer 11 and IE 10?45.

Do Adobe Flash users use Adobe Flash in Firefox?46.

Do Flash players in Firefox and Chrome are different from Adobe Flash players on other platforms?47.

Do Internet Explorer 12 support the next generation of HTML5 video standards?48.

Do websites use Flash on their home page?49.

Does Flash support HTML3 video?50.

How old are you?

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