Kids Computer Chair Gets Ditch: The kids chair gets dumped

In its last year on the market, a computer chair from Dell Computer was a hit with kids.

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren) More than 3.4 million Dell computers were sold last year.

The company is looking to cut costs and lay off hundreds of employees.

The problem is that the computer chair is not going to last.

In its last fiscal year, Dell said that it was losing money.

It’s now reported that the company will spend $9.4 billion on the $60,000 computer chair, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It’s a sad story.

But there are some positive signs that this computer chair isn’t dying out anytime soon.

The Dell computer chair will go on sale at a special price of $80,000.

That’s a savings of $9,400 over the normal price.

The chair is made of a durable wood with a sturdy metal base.

It comes with a battery and power supply, along with a charger.

The price will include shipping and handling.

There are many different ways to design a computer desk for kids, but the Dell computer-chair is not one of them.

It is meant to be a “playroom” chair that will be a popular way for kids to learn.

It will be very popular in the home.

The company said it is planning to lay off as many as 2,000 workers in its home business to make way for the new chair.

The cuts will begin on June 6.

The new chair will cost $59,900, or $924 less than the normal chair.

It has a 15-inch touchscreen, which allows children to interact with the display.

It can also be used to play computer games.

The computer-chairs makers hope that the tablet-like design will be used by the children to learn how to write and draw.

It is one of the most popular chairs available for kids.

The average price of a laptop chair is $1,095.

The cheapest computer-computer desk is a $1 to $1.25, depending on where you buy it.

It makes sense to keep the chair for a while longer.

It should have an expiration date and will probably go out of style in about five years, according the Wall St. Journal.

The news comes just a month after the company announced that it is laying off around 600 workers at its corporate headquarters.

The cutbacks will cost the company around $200 million.

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