Watch the NFL’s Super Bowl 2017 trailer: The tech world takes center stage with NFL VR

The Super Bowl is back!

The biggest and best video game event of the year will feature a virtual reality experience that’s not only bigger and better than ever before, but also more immersive and more exciting than ever.

The most important element of the new experience, according to NFL VP of business development Matt Bennett, is the addition of motion tracking.

This means the field is more immersive than ever, allowing players to feel more like a human being on the field.

Players will also be able to look around and make a phone call to teammates and coaches, or even use a camera for a video call, Bennett told me.

The goal is to make the experience feel like the real thing.

“We’re going to go back to the basics of what made the original VR experience great, so players can actually make a call,” Bennett said.

“We’re making a VR call, a video phone call, or a video chat.”

While the headsets will be smaller and lighter than the previous version, they will also offer an immersive experience.

That means there will be an element of a virtual theater for the audience, but with a very high degree of realism.

The new headsets will not be the first time we’ve seen a VR-like experience on the big screen.

The NFL’s own NFL Experience, which debuted in 2018, allowed fans to look at the field from their seats and experience the experience on-screen.

This new experience is the first step toward a much larger virtual reality project that will take place throughout the season.

The league has been working on this since last year, with Bennett telling me that the goal is for virtual reality to become the default mode in all NFL games starting in 2020.

Bennett said the goal for the VR project is to deliver a quality experience that is more “real” than any other sport in the world, and that VR can be a great way for players to get engaged with their team.

The team is looking to incorporate the technology in games that will be played at home.”VR is a platform that’s already very prevalent in the entertainment industry and in sports,” Bennett told us.

“The goal is that we want to make VR a platform in the sport that is not only the best for the players, but that is also the most natural and authentic experience.”

While virtual reality headsets are still a ways off, there are already some promising signs.

According to a report from TechCrunch, the technology is currently being researched by the NFL to provide a virtual arena for fans to watch football.

The stadium, located in Arizona, is being built for the 2020 NFL season, and the goal with that project is for it to become a real-world event.

According to the report, the NFL and a team of scientists are working on how to simulate the field and the atmosphere inside a stadium to simulate what fans would experience in a game, but nothing is set in stone.

The idea is to bring the stadium to life as the game is played, but we don’t know what the ultimate experience will look like.

The technology has been developed in-house, so the team has no plans to go outside the company.

The technology is not entirely new to the NFL, either.

The last time we saw an NFL game live was in 2011 when the New York Giants played the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

In that game, the field was a natural habitat for fans, with the crowd watching the game live from the comfort of their seats.

We’ve seen other NFL games, including the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers, use virtual reality in real life before.

The headsets will also allow players to do a lot more in virtual reality than just watching the action.

With a few different sensors in place, the headsets could also track players’ facial expressions, body language, and more, so they could respond to players in real-time, as opposed to being able to watch the action live from a distance.

The teams also hope to be able do more than just video calls and chat.

One of the biggest improvements of this technology is that players will be able “speak to each other” by looking up and saying things like, “Hey, you guys are really good at that,” or “Hey.

I’m just a little nervous.”

This technology has the potential to allow teams to get to know each other better.

“You’re not going to be like, ‘Hey, we got a big problem on our hands,'” Bennett said of the NFL VR experience.

“This is going to give us a chance to see each other in real time.

We’ll be able see each others’ faces and what they’re thinking.

And then we’ll be talking.”

It’s important to note that the NFL doesn’t want to put the technology out into the wild.

“As we develop this technology, we’re going back to what we’ve learned with VR in other sports,” said Bennett.

“In other sports, the way we’ve

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