HP to pay $1 billion to settle privacy lawsuit

The Federal Trade Commission today announced it is fining Hewlett Packard Enterprise $1.3 billion in penalties over allegations the company failed to protect its privacy.

In a press release announcing the fine, FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez said, “Today, we’re announcing a major new privacy settlement with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise that will pay a significant amount to address a privacy violation that harmed thousands of consumers.

In return, the FTC will investigate further, and it will also impose some other sanctions.

We believe this is a very fair and appropriate outcome.”

The FTC filed its complaint against HP in November 2015, claiming that the company violated privacy rights by using a software program to track and sell customers’ Web browsing histories.

The FTC alleged that HP violated federal consumer privacy laws by using the tracking technology to sell data to marketers.

The company settled the lawsuit in October, and HP said it would work with the FTC to ensure the tracking is removed from its Web sites.

The settlement follows similar ones in December and April, when the FTC and Microsoft agreed to settle similar privacy complaints over their use of “Internet Explorer” and other tracking technology.

The DOJ announced the settlement today as well, which includes $500 million in fines and restitution to victims.

Hewlett-Pardee is expected to pay about $1,000 per customer for each violation.

The company has since stopped selling the tracking software.

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