The world is becoming a more connected place

Google is rolling out a new service for its mobile apps and it seems to be doing pretty well.

The company has just rolled out a tool that shows you the average location of the devices you have recently visited and it says that’s more than ever before.

It’s called the Google Map for Location and the results are pretty incredible.

Here’s the rundown: Google Maps for Location (via Android Police) Google Maps, the company’s mobile map app, can now show you the location of every device you’ve recently visited in a variety of cities around the world.

The feature is available to all Google apps for Android and iOS.

You’ll see an overview of the city’s top points of interest, as well as the current traffic conditions.

For example, if you’re looking at the map of London you’ll see that London has the largest number of skyscrapers, followed by New York, Hong Kong and Sydney.

The data shows that London, New York and Hong Kong have the highest number of people in each city, as do Tokyo and Hongkong.

New York has a lot more people than Tokyo and Tokyo has a little more than Hong Kong.

You can also see the density of the population, which is calculated based on the average population per square mile.

For the average person in London, the average density is 1.75 square miles per person, while in Tokyo and in Hong Kong it’s 0.99 square miles.

Google also added that it’s showing a lot of new data that shows that the world is getting more connected.

In fact, according to Google Maps and other data, more than 60 percent of the world’s population lives in cities and over 75 percent of global population are now living in cities.

That’s an astounding statistic.

So how does Google Map compare to other places that you’ve visited in the past?

Google says it’s looking at data from several sources, including census data, Google Maps satellite imagery and Google Street View.

It also looks at the number of Google Maps Street View photos and the number on your phone.

Google Maps is a free app and it will be coming to more platforms in the future.

It’ll be available for Android, iOS and Google’s own Chrome browser.

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