Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 2,500 mAh battery costs $499 and is the most expensive tablet PC in the world

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is available for sale at an estimated $499, making it the most powerful tablet computer in the entire world.

The Note 4 is the fastest selling tablet computer of all time, selling for $499 in the United States.

But, Samsung’s 2,532 mAh (2,500 milliamp hours) battery is far more expensive than its competitors, which have the same specs.

The battery pack is made of high-grade copper alloy and features a 1.5mm gap between the battery and the casing, and a dual-mode charging circuit, which allows the phone to be charged in either the regular USB port or a 3.5-volt USB port.

Samsung’s battery packs have always had the distinction of being the most reliable tablets in the market, which makes them a good choice for those who want a reliable, long-lasting device.

However, Samsung also announced that it would be making the Note 4 more powerful than the S5.

Unlike its competitors which use a similar design, the Samsung Note 4 has an upgraded battery pack, a dual USB 3.0 port, a faster processor and a larger display.

Samsung also introduced a 3D Touch feature for users to interact with the display and perform tasks that would be difficult or impossible to do using the traditional buttons and capacitive keys on other devices.

The Galaxy Note series is the third smartphone to feature 3D touch, following the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note Edge.

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