Computer engineering jobs boom in Canada’s tech sector

Computer engineering careers are booming in Canada.

The country has been in a manufacturing boom for the past decade, with the construction of new manufacturing plants and construction of infrastructure for the transportation of goods and people.

Canada has also been a tech hub, with large-scale companies like Amazon, Google and Apple creating jobs there.

The unemployment rate in Canada is 7.1% — one of the lowest in the developed world.

But a recent study shows Canada’s job growth is outpacing that of many other industrialized nations.

The number of Canadians in computer engineering and computer science positions has jumped by nearly half a million since 2011.

And that’s despite the fact that those jobs are increasingly filled by students with college degrees.

The study was done by CareerBuilder, a website that tracks job growth in Canada, and analyzed the job growth of Canada’s most highly-skilled job seekers.

The report shows that in 2011, there were about 4,000 computer engineering graduates in Canada — an increase of 2.3% since then.

“It’s a very good sign, given the job market in Canada right now,” said Jason Tackett, vice president for research and consulting at CareerBuilder.

“We see that computer engineering is one of those industries where you’re seeing more graduates, and we’re seeing that they’re starting their careers right at the beginning of the next decade.”

Tackette said computer engineering job growth was up nearly 50% in the past three years.

And the numbers continue to rise.

“As you go into the next few years, we expect that you’re going to see a much bigger increase,” he said.

But the job numbers are only part of the story.

Computer engineers can also build websites and apps for a wide variety of industries, Tacket said.

They also have a lot of responsibility for building applications and websites that run on the web, which means they need a lot more computer knowledge than most people would.

Tackets said computer engineers tend to be “totemic” in the computer industry, because their work is typically done in teams.

So when they start their careers, they’re often at the top of their field.

“There’s an element of the job that requires you to have a certain level of technical expertise,” he explained.

“You need to know a lot about programming, web development, and so forth, and then you need to be able to take on the responsibilities of making the application or website work.”

Tacks also noted that a computer engineer has a “huge amount of flexibility” in how they design their own software.

They can do it on the go, they can work remotely, and they can design and test their own products and websites, he said, all things that a software developer would never do.

“So that flexibility makes it very, very attractive to some people.”

The jobs of the future are coming to Canada and the U.S.

Tackett said there are several reasons why computer engineers are starting their career in Canada: They’re cheaper than people in other countries, they have access to higher-skilled work in Canada and they have better benefits than many people in the U!

U.S., the top job market for computer engineers is in California, where the unemployment rate is 9.5%.

That means if a computer engineering student wants to start their career here, they’ll have to go through a process of applying for work in California and applying for jobs in California.

It can be a difficult process, and Tacketts said they try to minimize the impact that this might have on their career prospects.

“I try to try to get out of the way and do my job and focus on getting the most qualified person as a student as I can,” he told Newsweek.

“And so that way, we can be as competitive as possible.”

The study found that Canadian students had a “strong” advantage over their U.s. counterparts in applying for computer engineering work in the Bay Area, and it’s a competitive advantage that’s likely to continue for years to come.

“Computer engineering is not a one-way street,” said Tackitt.

“In a lot in our industry, the talent pool is pretty good across the board.”

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