Which companies should you trust in 2018?

The following companies have seen the biggest gains in the latest figures.

Computer brands:Google,Microsoft,Apple,Amazon and IBMAll three of these are in the top 10 on the list of top computer brands. 

In 2018, Apple jumped up two places from 15th place to 17th.

The iPhone maker has now been listed by Forbes as the second-most valuable company in the world, ahead of Apple, according to the firm.

Microsoft was the second most valuable company last year, while Amazon was the third most valuable in 2018. 

All three were valued at over $1.5tn. 

The biggest gain for Apple was made in 2018 with a 10% increase in its value.

Microsoft and Apple are the only two companies listed in the Forbes 500 who have risen more than 10% in the past year.

The biggest fall was for Amazon.

It fell from number six in 2018 to number three in 2019.

It dropped again to number eight in 2019, which was followed by IBM.

Apple is the only company on the Forbes list with a net loss of more than $1bn, while IBM lost $2.5bn in 2018, a decline of 15%.

Apple’s loss of $1,621m in 2018 was the largest loss in the company’s history.IBM’s loss in 2018 of $3.2bn was also the biggest loss in IBM’s history, with the company posting a net profit of $11.7bn.

Google has also experienced a huge increase in profits, rising from $5.3bn in 2017 to $8.5b in 2018 . 

Microsoft, on the other hand, has seen its profit fall by almost half from $10bn in 2016 to $5bn last year. 

Amazon is the largest loser in 2018 and it has lost $1billion, the largest year-on-year drop in the history of the online retailer.IBB is the company with the highest share price, but it is not in the list because it was bought by Amazon.

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