When you buy the best computer desktop for under $1,000, it’s actually cheaper than buying a new one

By Lauren Hickey The article | Published: February 05, 2018 14:30:13When you buy a computer for under the $1K mark, you can expect to spend about $1.50 a month, or $1 million on a computer.

This is according to a new study by the consultancy research firm Zillow, which also analysed data from Zilloc, a popular online retailer.

While the Zillovest computer desk can be found for less than $1k, the average price of a PC is $1m.

And when you factor in the costs of buying a gaming PC or other technology that can boost the performance of a machine, that makes the average PC price in Australia $1bn.

The study found that the average monthly spend for the average user is $500, compared with $743 for a $1 machine, $1 billion for a desktop, and $4.6bn for a mobile phone.

The Zillows study also found that users spend more on their smartphones and tablets than any other devices.

For example, the survey found that about 55 per cent of smartphone users said they use a smartphone for work or play, compared to about 20 per cent who use a tablet.

In contrast, almost 70 per cent use a PC, tablet or laptop for work and play, and about 70 per% use a laptop for home use.

The survey also found about 25 per cent had a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, while more than half had a desktop.

“People are spending more on smartphones and laptops,” the Zellows study said.

“That is particularly true in Sydney, where the average annual smartphone spend was $1200 in the year ending March 2019.”

According to Zillown, the median Australian household spend was around $300 per year in 2018, but the average Australian household spent $1st $10,000 per year more than the median household spend on all types of computing devices in 2018.

The biggest expense for the typical Australian household was their desktop computer, with the median expenditure of $5,500.

The average Australian spent $3,900 per year on the desktop, while the average spending for mobile phones was $4,000.

The median Australian was spending $1million per year, but it was more than double the spending on all computing devices.

The researchers found that while the number of Australians using their smartphone for everyday tasks, including banking, shopping and social networking, had declined over the last few years, the number using their desktop computing devices was increasing.

“The rise in smartphone usage has coincided with an increase in mobile usage,” the report said.

The report found that most Australians were spending more money on their mobile phone than they did on desktop computers.

But there was a gap between what people were spending on desktop computing and what they were spending their money on.

“This is the second year of the study,” Zellow research head Professor Greg Molloy said.

“We’re looking at this issue from a wider perspective, which is where people’s budgets and where they’re spending their time.”

The Zellovest survey also revealed that the amount of time spent on smartphones increased over time.

“As smartphone usage becomes more widespread, the increase in usage over time has become more pronounced,” the researchers said.

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