Costco’s new computer speakers are great news for PC users

Costco is launching its new computer speaker line in a move that could make it the first retailer to introduce a new speaker model to its customers.

The company is bringing its “SuperSound” speakers, which have a range of sound levels from “ultra high” to “superb”, to its online shop.

“SuperSound is a versatile product that will be popular with many different types of users, and it will offer a wide range of playback options and audio settings for both home and work environments,” the company said.

The SuperSound speakers are made by a new company, Advanced Technologies and Projects, which is part of the tech giant’s technology arm, Advanced Micro Devices.

It has been in the pipeline for several years.

The new speakers will cost about $200 (£150) when they go on sale on October 15, but they will also be available for purchase for $150 at 

The company says the SuperSound line has a range that is “ultrapressible, versatile and affordable”.

“SuperSounds are engineered with the highest quality components and are a world-class audio solution that is also super-quiet and portable,” it said.

“The SuperSounds are the most powerful and most powerful sound-staging speaker in the world, which has a unique design and unique sound signature, and we are delighted to be able to introduce them to our customers.”

Costco is making the announcement alongside a new blog post. 

“We are proud to be the first major global retailer to introduce the SuperSonic brand, and look forward to seeing how this new product performs in our stores and across our network,” the post said. 

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More to come.

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