How to avoid being falsely accused of rape

If you’re falsely accused and it makes you feel like you’re going to jail, here’s how to avoid going to prison.

Imac Computer is a computer-assisted criminal justice system that aims to protect people from false accusations of sexual assault, according to a blog post by the company’s CEO, David A. Kappos.

The company is focused on helping people who want to report sexual assaults and domestic violence crimes.

But it also offers services to those who are falsely accused, including information on how to report it to the police, Kappys blog post stated.

It all starts with Imac Computer.

The site offers free, online training to help you understand the law and the facts of the crime.

The training includes tips on what to do if you think you might be falsely accused.

In the blog post, Kapps also said that Imac’s website provides the option to report a false allegation to police.

“If a police officer contacts you about a false accusation, we’ll notify the police and help you determine whether the investigation should be reopened,” Kappis blog post said.

“You’ll also receive a phone number for the police.”

Imac said that it doesn’t have an internal system for reporting false accusations, but that it will do so in the future.

The blog post went on to say that Imacs legal team is looking into a number of complaints that it received.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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