Month: August 2021

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 2,500 mAh battery costs $499 and is the most expensive tablet PC in the world

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is available for sale at an estimated $499, making it the most powerful tablet computer in the entire world.The Note 4 is the fastest selling tablet computer of all time, selling for $499 in the United States.But, Samsung’s 2,532 mAh (2,500 milliamp hours) battery is far more expensive than its […]

Anime Computer Wallpaper and Desktop Computer: Anime Computer wallpaper

A new series of anime computer wallpapers and desktop computer wallpaper, by Japanese studio Studio GKH, has been released.The series is titled “Kimi ga Iru”, which translates to “In the Beginning”.The series will be available from February 11, 2019.The anime will be subtitled in English.The character designs are by Katsuya Nishimura and the character designs […]

How to watch World Championship chess on YouTube? – TheScore esports

Here’s how to watch the world championship of computer chess on your YouTube account.If you don’t already have a YouTube account, sign up and follow the instructions.Then follow these steps to create one.If this doesn’t work, try searching for World Championship Chess on the Google Play store.If your browser doesn’t support the embedded video, you […]

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M review: the biggest gaming machine ever, but not the most powerful one

The Nvidia GeForce 970M is the most expensive gaming computer ever made, and that’s saying something.The GTX 970’s power consumption is actually slightly lower than that of the 980 Ti, but the GeForce 970 is still more expensive than its competitors.That means that even if you want to play PC games with very little graphical […]

This is what happens when you buy a Refurbished Computer

by Tom Hockenberry, Home Computer News article title This article will explain how to upgrade your Refurbish Computer from an old PC to a new one with no major issues.article by Pauline Stoll, Home Computing (UK) title The Refurbishment process article by Richard Taylor, Home Computers UK article title Why buying a Refrigerator is the […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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