Staples sells cheap computer monitors and cheap computers in U.S.

STOCKHOLM — Staples Inc., the nation’s biggest retailer, said Tuesday it sold nearly $100 million worth of cheap monitors and monitors with built-in speakers in the U.K., a major boost for the technology company as it continues to move into high-end consumer electronics and digital signage.

The company also said it sold a new line of high-quality digital signage equipment that was priced below the average cost of a typical desktop product.

The news came as Staples is looking to expand into higher-end electronics products that it says are increasingly being used in high-tech environments.

Staples has a major presence in the office and is a major player in the retail sector, including in consumer electronics, computer monitors used for monitoring and in computer keyboards and mice.

In a blog post, Staples said it was able to achieve the record price of about $70 per square foot of space by selling its new line.

It added that the technology is well-suited to new technology.

Staples is seeking to expand its U.L.A. operations, where it has seen its share of disruption in the last two years as it tries to win over the increasingly consumer-oriented businesses that have moved into higher education and other high-technology sectors.

Staples also plans to launch an online store, which will sell products that have a similar design and look to Staples products, to compete with Inc. and other online retailers.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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