Ironside: Computer wallpaper for Apple’s Macbook Air

A company is trying to make your computer wallpaper look more like a living thing.

The company is Ironsides, a startup that is trying out a new desktop wallpaper that uses the power of the iPhone to make the computer look like a live thing.

“We can do more with the hardware we have than we can with the software we have,” Ironsiders CEO and cofounder Jonathan Clements told Business Insider in an interview.

Ironsides’ software lets you play games and watch movies on the fly, and it also lets you customize your wallpaper to look like anything you want.

You can have a dark wallpaper with an image of the moon or a dark image of a tree.

The company uses a proprietary algorithm to determine what kind of wallpaper you want, and the wallpaper will come in the form of a PNG file.

The algorithm will then create the image that will be placed in the folder that contains the wallpaper.

Clements said the software has the ability to make a lot of different kinds of things look like wallpaper.

He said the company has a “trend” for making different kinds the wallpaper looks like, and he plans to make that a reality.

While the wallpaper might not be able to turn a computer into a living, breathing thing, it does have the ability “to give you some sort of visual feedback,” Clements said.

And if you want to customize the wallpaper, there’s a new feature in the software.

If you don’t want your wallpaper the default, you can change it with the new app.

Ironsider says you can customize the background color, the size of the background, the font size, and even the style of the wallpaper itself.

Ironsides uses a new wallpaper system called the Ironsiding algorithm, which uses the iPhone’s built-in wallpaper app to create a unique image that it then places into a folder.

Ironside’s new wallpaper app, which is currently only available on iOS, lets you change the wallpaper wallpaper.

You can also customize the image the wallpaper comes in.

Ironesides uses an image-based system, meaning the image itself isn’t a thing, but a new image is created.

Irminsides says the image is used for “an immersive experience,” which means that it’s a representation of the original image.

It’s a cool concept.

If you’re into wallpaper, this might not sound like something you’re going to be too excited about, but it’s still worth a look if you’re interested in trying out the new wallpaper for your Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, or Apple TV.

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